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It’s another very important institution for french triathlon that falls down. This time, it’s the Mulhouse Olympique club that has decided to stop. His president Patrick Sanchez being in an impasse sees himself forced to stop this journey. We will see him now on the Grand Prix D1 as sports manager for Sartrouville. He will be accompanied by the olympian and australian Aaron Royle.

Here are his explanations about this choice.

2017 marks the year of the end for the Mulouse Olympique Triathlon journey and everything related to these 18 years of my life.

Since the end of 2015, I nearly took this painful decision because of relationship issues due to the venue of new managers that were supposed to help me in common projects of important development. I didn’t do it because I was preparing my succession, and I thought these people could take over my position after I left, despite different opinions.

It turned out that unfortunately, in this relationships that was supposed to be filled with sharing and motivating projects, fell like a house of cards. I know that after these 18 years of success, I can look at myslef in a miror.

The beginning and the end of such a journey is normal. It’s life, as we all say.

The Mulhouse Olympique Triathlon has lived. It obtained a great recognition from all of his partners, federal institutions, press, etc… because during THESE 18 YEARS, triathlon in Alsace and Mulhouse has shined thanks to his members (from smallest categories to world champion).

There was a lot of laurels: world champions, olympic athletes, french team champion… Without forgetting all of the titles of champion of Alsace won by the athletes of our school of triathlon and seniors.

Thanks to everyone, athletes, members and partners that were part of this journey, that matters directly and undirectly in the triathlon world.

A page has turned for me with triathlon in Mulhouse. New adventures are coming for me. Indeed, I’m going to become the new sports manager of the Sartrouville Green Team. This club is offering me an ambitious inspiring sport project (Tokyo 2020) and motivating (D1 triathlon). Let’s remember that there is in the team the three olympic male medalists and the gold female olympic medalist from the Rio OG.

Antoine SEGOVIANO, my Partner on the D1; Aaron ROYLE (9th in the Rio OG), Lluch PEREZ (junior European champion) and Alberto GONZALEZ (vice-junior European champion 2016) are coming with me in Sartrouville.

Lastly, I must have an emotionnal though for the one who reflects what was the spirit of the Mulhouse Olympique Triathlon, Benny VANSTEELANT, multiple world and European champion, deceased 10 years ago, that I was incredibly lucky to share the path with.


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