Recap with Margot Garabedian > 7th at Cape Town WC.

Getting back on track is always special since it determines the level of confidence for the season. If Margot Garabedian as known a halftone season in 2016, she was determined to pull herself together. In Cape Town, she ends up ranked 7t, it’s thanks to an excellent swim part (3rd) and a progressing running part. We discussed with the new Metz girl to know more about her race.

Before the winter training went well. I came back from a three-week training camp in Playitas last week not to suffer from low Grenoble temperatures. With Raphaël (coach) that we set up what was important to be on top.

The swim part In terms of condition, there was nothing special compared to some sea swimming! I saw the British were just next to my right so when I saw them that was those feet I had to follow! Everything was benefic not to lose them.

You get out of the water at 5”… How was the beginning of the bike part? Difficult! There is still a lot of work, unfortunately, I’m not able to get in their wheels. I’m already thinking about what’s next and what I can do to limit the gap.

Then, even if the pack struggled to be organized, the 2 British were really strong but not invincible…

And what about the T2? I just had to do my best!

What means this 7th place? It’s the beginning of a work that pays after a very complicated year! It’s a very good start for a 1st race, but just a beginning!

What’s next…? The Vittel aquathlon, on the 26th of February to get back on the rhythm before Quarteira European cup!

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