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Javier Gomez bike of 2015 is to sell

We unfortunately didn’t saw him a lot this season. Javier Gomez decided to put to auction his bike celebrating his three 2014 titles (ITU, XTerra, 70.3). All of the money will go the Triathlon Ferrol club to help young triathletes. Nice gesture!

To acquire of check on this bike, on ebay… this is here

Stability for ITU

Marisol Casado, ITU president has been re-elected for a third mandate andthe four vice-presidents also got re-elected. For your information, the international federation (ITU) has voted for a new rule that limits to 4, the amount of mandate (3 as president). This new term is not retroactive and starts this years.


Marisol Casado replaced in 2008 the Canadian founder president, Les McDonald. Besides, the ITU counts only two presidents in 30 years of existence.

“I received a great legacy, and we are in a very positive situation at ITU. We’ve done a great job as a team, our athletes are really happy with what we are doing for them, and we have to keep moving in the same direction. We will think about possible changes and, if needed or if we think changes can improve our sport, we will make those changes. We will do whatever is necessary to keep our sport on the spotlight. Triathlon is a loved sport among young people, and we have to continue being popular.”

IOC President Thomas Bach, who spoke early in the ITU Congress, praised Casado and ITU as a good example of good governance and sustainability. Bach also thanked Marisol for “her always positive approach to sport, all the initiatives to include Paratriathlon under the triathlon umbrella and also included in the Rio Paralympics, and her willingness to adopt the Agenda 2020.”

To learn more about it,

GBtri got more means for its World Class programme.

When some federations are financially dying, the British federation just obtained an income of 700 000£ for the Tokyo Olympic circle for the UK Sport programme of 8 127 753£. All in all, it’s 21 triathletes, 4 sparring partners, 13 paratriathletes and 3 guides that will take advantage of this.

Obviously, compared to federations that don’t have the money to pay for travel costs of its own athletes, the fight seems to be unequal.

To learn more, 220triathlon.

USADA just announced that a 41 yo cyclist just received a 4 years suspension. It’s an investigation on the Anemia Patient Group which was selling illegally substances as EPO to its athletes. In Thomas Luton, he is guilty of possessing and using products as EPO and growth hormones.  It’s an investigation and not a positive control that allowed USADA to find Thomas Luton…….

To learn more, Sports Integrity Initiative

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