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Hello Emmie. You remained silent since you had to forfeit for Rio Olympic Games because of injury.

I would rather say that media didn’t ask anything since this happened. I personally decided to step back. I thank Trilogies to ask for news and offer me this forum.

Can you tell us a bit about this injury that forced you to forfeit at the OG when it looked like everything was well?

I felt a pain a few days after Cagliari World Cup. We took time to diagnose (40 days), to finally learn that it was a femoral hernia. I ran for French Championship ignoring the pain because I wanted to defend my title. I was unable to walk for the following days. I would have wanted to race for the OG despite the pain but that was way too risky (with necessity of emergency surgery, risk of death).

So I had to forfeit for the OG. Beyond the disappointment not to be able to race in the OG, that was on human plans that I was the most disappointed during this period. I don’t want to discuss about it. I come back, serene, healed and hardened. Beyond my personal case, when we see girls reach for their qualifications and their federations not giving them the golden ticket we can wonder with path Olympics is taking.

So, how are you today?

I’ve been operated the 12th of July and I followed re-education essentially based on workout, proprioception, etc. for 6 weeks. The, I made a progressive sportive comeback in the following 3 weeks. I don’t have any pain so I’m very glad! Since then, I train really normally.

What are your projects now?

My project is clearly defined: Tokyo OG. I’m 26, I’ve lived a first Olympiad full of results (2009-2012) and a second one, very turbulent (2013-2016). The next 4 years are going to be, I think, my most completed Olympiad, on the World Series and finally for Tokyo 2020. I’m happy to be now invested in a sustainable project. I know where I want to go and I know how.

When will you come back on races in 2017?

Despite 13 weeks of break pre- and post-surgery I’m on good training bases that allow me to consider my season beginning on Abu Dhabi’s WTS. I want to do the Dakhla Continental Cup in December because I miss races, since I had to stop my season in May. I am also going to run a few cross-country races.

On a national point of view, what are your goals?

For now, I don’t have any club (French Grand Prix), so I’m not sure to defend my title of French Champion.

Ok, so if some have some proposition to make, it’s now or never? (laughs)

I will stay in the same functioning mode for training: my swimming club in Sète; and for the bike and running I ask advice from my dad, I train by myself and I sometimes have training partners. Years of training that I have behind me allow me to feel what I have to do.

What is the federation’s position about you?

 The Federation follows me 100% in my project if the performance is here. I showed last year that I was coming back on a good level. I don’t have any doubt on my following progress, the federation trusts me.

What’s your deep source of motivation?

There are a lot. Today, I could talk about the title of one of Simone Weil’s book: La pesanteur et la grâce (gravity and grace).

Sport’s world represents unfortunately too often gravity: competition, greed, mistrust, unfaith, alterity, popularity are the worst mankind creations and sports glorify those as a success model.

I, on the contrary don’t feel my performance project without humility, love, share and team spirit. The speech right that I have must serve to show that another sport is possible.

Whatever your project may be, I want to give the example that we can always defend the highest ideas.

If you had a magic wand, what would you need to assure this project?

Speaking of, this project is all about the pathway making its success, so no magic wand to get where I want to. I do like effort and hard work.

And how do you feel about the little « youngsters » that are coming?

I am serene about the work I’m doing.

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